How to Install and Watch Virgin TV Go On Firestick?

Have you ever dreamed of carrying your TV anywhere you go? If you are a Virgin TV subscriber, then get your Virgin TV Go app on your TV. This app is available for both your SmartPhones and PCs. With just an internet connection, you can watch all the channels available in your Virgin TV Subscription Channel lineup. 

There are also features to download and watch your favourite TV shows offline. Who wouldn’t want this but to get Virgin TV Go on FireStick, you need to read this article and learn the methods to download Virgin TV Go app on your Amazon Fire TV.

Virgin TV Go

Before diving into the main topic, Let’s warm up with some basic information about the Virgin TV Go app. You can watch all Live TV and On-demand content of the Virgin Media TV package you have subscribed to. You can download this app for your devices from respective app stores like Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

It is also possible to get Virgin TV Go on your PC through web browsers. Once you have got Virgin TV Go on your device, you need to Register with your Virgin Media credentials to access the app. The Virgin TV Go app can also be used as a remote to access your Virgin Media devices.

Account on Virgin Media

Since you would need to have a Virgin TV account and subscription to any of its TV packages, follow the steps to get it.

  • Have a web browser running on any device and use the URL
  • Enter a Username for your Virgin Media account and click Next.
  • On the next page, you need to give your Email ID and provide a Password for your Virgin Media account. You need to add how you want to be addressed.
  • Check your Register Email ID for confirmation mail from Virgin Media, and click on the link to complete verification.
  • Now sign in with your Virgin Media credentials.
  • Go to the Television section and select Buy Television Package. Refer to the image for Virgin TV bundle packages.
  • Choose any of the TV Package bundles and complete the purchase with on-screen instructions.
  • A Professional will come to your home and complete the setup process.

Now you can use your Virgin Media credentials on the Virgin TV Go app to watch the channels from the TV package you chose.

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Is Virgin TV Go on FireStick?

You might have thought that Vigin TV Go, with its popularity, would be available at your FireStick App Store, but Vigin TV Go is not available for FireStick devices. 

Virgin TV Go app is compatible with the FireStick device, so you need to sideload the app into your device. You can use Downloader, ES File Explorer, and App2Fire apps to get Virgin TV Go on FireStick.

How to Sideload Virgin TV Go on FireStick?

For any app that is not available at the FireStick app store but compatible with FireStick devices, you can sideload it using apps like,

  • Downloader
  • ES File Explorer
  • App2Fire

To get the Virgin TV Go app on your FireStick device using the sideloading method, you follow this article and try it alone with the step-by-step procedures given. To allow other apps to install the third-party apps at FireStick, follow the instructions to enable Apps From Unknown sources on FireStick.

  • Go to the My Fire TV section and select Developer options.
  • Select Apps From Unknown Sources and toggle it to turn on.

Now you can install third-party apps using source URLs that are unknown to Amazon. You must have your FireStick device to have an internet connection to download apps.


The Downloader app is used to get app files on your FireStick and install it by enabling the Apps From Unknown sources option. You need to have a URL for Virgin TV Go app from a reliable source to avoid bugs and malware. To get the Virgin TV to go app on FireStick.

  • You can download the Downloader app from the FireStick app store.
  • After installation, open the app and enter the URL in the empty text tab.
  • When you select Download, the APK file of the Virgin TV Go app gets downloaded.
  • Continue with the on-screen instruction to install Virgin TV Go on FireStick.

ES File Explorer

Similar to the Downloader app, you can get the ES File Explorer app from FireStick App Store. For this app also, you would need the URL of the Virgin TV Go app provided by a reliable source. On how to use the ES File Explorer app to get Virgin TV Go on FireStick, you can follow the article.

  • Search for the ES File Explorer app at the FireStick app store and install it.
  • Get into the ES File Explorer app and select the Plus icon.
  • Now enter the Virgin TV Go APK URL and press downlaod.
  • After some time, the APD file gets downloaded.
  • Now follow the instructions on the screen to install Virgin TV Go app on FireStick.


Apps2Fire is different from other sideloading apps. It can directly install the app available on Android devices to FireStick. If you have the Virgin TV Go app on your Android device, you can easily load it on your FireStick device and access it. 

Unfortunately, iPhone users cannot use this function because the Apps2Fire app is unavailable in the Apple App Store. Follow up on the procedures to get the Virgin Media app on FireStick using the Apps2Fire app.

Download Apps on Android devices

  • Get to Google Play Store on your Android device.
  • Enter the name of the app and press search.
  • Just tap on install and wait for it to get downloaded and installed on your Android device.

With these steps, you can take turns downloading the Apps2Fire, and Virgin TV goes apps on your Android Device.

Get the IP address of FireStick

  • On the My Fire TV section of FireStick, select Networks.
  • To the right side of the screen, you can find the IP address of your FireStick device.

You need to use this IP address on the Apps2Fire app to find and install apps on your FireStick.

How to Access and Watch Virgin TV Go on FireStick

Once you have got Virgin TV, go on your FireStick device, you can find the app in the Apps & Games section of your FireStick device. 

You can launch the Virgin TV Go app from there. You can now select Sign In and enter your User credentials to sign into your account. Now choose any show you want and watch it on your firestick.

Features offered by Virgin TV Go

  • Can watch Live and On-demand video content.
  • Access to channels available on your TV package subscription.
  • You can watch Virgin TV Go on multiple devices at the same time.
  • Get your favorite show downloaded and watch it offline anytime you want. You may have heard about soap2day roku.

The End

Get the Virgin TV Go experience now on your FireStick by using the different methods provided in this article. 

You can use the Apps2Fire method only if you are using an Android device, and it cannot be used on iOS devices. Watch your favourite shows now with Virgin TV Go on FireStick.

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