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The Beas Kund trek is a popular hiking route that starts from Manali and ends at Beas Kund, which is one of the most visited destinations in Himachal Pradesh. The Beas Kund trek consists of five different stages that are described below:


Beas Kund Trek is a relatively easy trek through forests and meadows, with some steep climbs on the way. We start at an altitude of 2200 meters (7000 feet) at Phuljhari village, which is located in Naggar district. From here we descend to Chautara Village, which has an altitude of 1650 meters (5100 feet) and then continue north towards Kachhi Fort at 1730 meters (5600 feet). The final section involves climbing up over 1000 meters in elevation over a distance of 20km before reaching NainiTal town with its famous Naini Lake surrounded by Himalayan peaks on all sides!




Once you have reached Manali, it is time to hit the road. You can either hire a car or go for the bus option. If you decide to go for a cab, then there are several cab services available that will take you from one place to another.


Manali has many hotels and guest houses where tourists from all over the world stay while they visit this beautiful town in Himachal Pradesh. You can check out these hotels online.


Manali is known for its scenic beauty and has been called one of India’s most beautiful places by many people including Lonely Planet Guidebook 2014 edition who said “Manali’s charm lies not only in its mountains but also in its people”.


About the Trekking Journey


Solang Valley (Day 1)


The Solang Valley is a beautiful valley located in the Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh. It is famous for its apple orchards and snow capped mountains, which are also home to many wildlife species like bears, wolves and leopards.


It is a very popular destination for trekking and camping as well as skiing in winter months when snow covers most parts of this region.


Solang Nallah or Dhundi (Day 2)


The best time to visit the place is between April and June, as it is during this period that the water level in Beas falls. You can reach Solang Nallah by road or boat from Ranikhet. The entry fee for a vehicle is Rs 50 per person; for pedestrians, it’s Rs 25. For those who want to go on foot, there are hand carts available at an extra charge of Rs 100 per head. There’s no restaurant or cafeteria here but you’ll find refreshments like sandwiches, chips and soft drinks available in the shop nearby if you need them while exploring its surroundings!


Beas Kund (Day 3)


Beas Kund is a beautiful lake that is at the height of 17,000 feet. The lake is surrounded by the snow-covered mountains and glaciers. 


Solang Nallah or Dhundi (Day 4)


The Solang Valley is a beautiful valley, and the Solang Nallah or Dhundi is an even more beautiful place. Its beauty comes from the snow and green grass that cover it on all sides. It’s a good place to camp because there are lots of trees here, so you can build a shelter without being too exposed to weather conditions.


Manali (Day 5)


Manali is a beautiful place to visit, especially in the summer. You can take a walk around the area and see some of the best views of Beas Kund. There are also many places where you can enjoy yourself by eating at various restaurants or simply relaxing at your hotel room.


Manali is located in Kullu district in Himachal Pradesh which offers many attractions for tourists like:


Things to Remember Hiking through forests and valleys


  • The most important thing to remember when trekking is to carry junk food like chips, biscuits and other easily digestible food packets.


The second important thing is not carrying too much food. You can’t afford to eat too much on a day-long journey. If you are carrying too many clothes with you, then it will be difficult for your body to sweat out all the toxins from its body after being on the move for hours together in a hot climate during summer months; therefore, only carry what you absolutely need at this point of time (i.e., two sets of clothing).


Lastly, don’t forget about money! It’s always a good idea not just to carry some cash but also maintain an adequate quantity of cash in hand while trekking through India since ATMs are few and far between here (read more here).


  1. Be very careful while walking on the ice. Also be sure to have good hiking shoes with you.


Wear good hiking shoes. Take a stick with you for support if needed, but remember that it can also get in your way during some parts of the trek so make sure that it doesn’t get caught in between any objects or obstacles along the way (like rocks).


Use a rope for support if needed and make sure not to drag this into deep water as it will damage your equipment significantly over time which may result in having to buy replacement parts before starting another trekking trip again! This is an expensive mistake due to how easily damaged items can become when exposed outside all day long without protection against harsh weather conditions such as rain showers or strong winds blowing straight at them while they’re trying desperately hard not fall down into those same depths below us where no one wants tp go especially not after having spent hours upon hours climbing up high enough above ground level just so someone else could see what might happen after falling down again…


  1. Carry thermocol sheets to sit on, small rope and tent pegs for camping.


The last day of the trek is a full-day long expedition that takes you to the highest point in Beas Kund trek at an elevation of 17100 feet (5100 meters). At this point, you will have to walk through a narrow gorge with steep walls on both sides. It is important that you carry thermocol sheets with you so that you can lie down when required and rest your body as well as mind from exhaustion during this difficult journey. You should also take along some food items such as biscuits or sandwiches which will help keep yourself going till Sun sets behind Kamet Peak summit area where we camped overnight after reaching there around 4:30 pm since most people prefer staying up late rather than sleeping early morning due to its cold weather conditions during winter season




Beas Kund is a great place for adventure and trekking. You can enjoy the view of the river and beautiful peaks. You can also see wild animals like Blackfaced Rhododendrons, Himalayan Musk Deer, Hoolock Gibbon and Golden Langur among others. Beas Kund Trek is a must visit place where you can spend some time with your family or friends while having fun!

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